2016 Torrey Pines Gulls Officers

President: Dan Cummins

 Vice President: Marty Dine

 Past President:  Marty Dine

Secretary:  Dan Cummins

 Treasurer: Don Lochhead

Membership: Bill Eckles

 Newsletter Editor: Dale Gottdank

 Winch Master: Mark Canfield

DLG Coordinator:  Tim Traver

IHLGF Coordinator:  Mike Smith

 Thermal Coordinator: Mark Canfield

 Slope Coordinator: Ray Pili

Safety Officer:  Ray Pili

HLG Coordinator: Tim Traver

 IHLGF 2015: Mike Smith

Historian: Gary Fogel

  SC2 Representative:  Keith Finkenbiner

 WebMaster: Steve Hurd

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