Discus Launch glider Series

Torrey Pines Gulls Club of San Diego is proud to announce a new monthly DLG Series for 2015.

It will be officially called the “2015 Torrey Pines Gulls DLG Clinic Series” and will be a monthly event on Saturdays with the intent of building your DLG skills, mingling with the best pilots around, getting exposed to the F3K contest formats, and most of all to have fun!

The Who
All pilots of all levels from anywhere are welcome to come fly. You just need an official AMA membership and you are in! Don’t miss your chance to have experienced pilots call and time for you, or pass on your experience to new pilots with the growing passion for DLG! Don’t be disuaded if you don’t have the latest and greatest equipment. As long as it is safe to fly, come and huck it!

The Contest Format
We know that everyone is busy, so we have decided to make these events half day events (although we are open to make them longer if there is enough demand). We will generally fly 6 rounds starting in the morning and ending in the middle of the day. This makes it so the whole Saturday isn’t killed, and you have some bargaining power with your other habits in life…

2015 F3K rules will be used to score the event and it will be officially sanctioned by the AMA as well as counted for official F3K Team selection qualification. Two classes will be scored (Sportsman and Open), so beginner levels can compete with each other! Six rounds will allow for one drop for the contest results. The official CD will determine the task list.

The Clinics
At some point in between rounds we will have clinical talks and advice given by top pilots attending on a variety of topics including launch techniques and critiques, strategies, rules clarifications, or any other subjects that come up!

Its not often that you can get quality time picking the brains of top present, past and future Team USA pilots, so don’t be scared, the community is awesome!

The Cost
The events will have a fee of $10, with 50% of that fee going towards the official US F3K Team fund managed by the AMA. This helps provide the needed support to help our US F3K team reach the World Championships. We will also be taking any extra donations you wish to give to the team fund.

The Series
The club has generously offered to award year end trophies for the series champions. The series will be counted as your best 6 events out of the 10 events.

The following are the dates of the events (All Saturdays):
February 15th
March 15th
April 19th
May 17th
June 21st
July 19th
August 16th
September 27th
October 25th
November 22nd

The Where
The contest will be held at the famous Poway Flight Center, home of the International Hand Launch Glider Festival for the last 20 years in beautiful Poway, California. Directions and maps can be found here.

The How
Registrations will be taken on the official scoring site at http://www.f3xvault.com/

There, you can see all the event info, register for the events you want to attend, and even pay with paypal before you arrive! Log in and create your account now, and go through the registration process. Event scoring will be available immediately after the event. Work is in progress to even have participants self enter scores live…

The Why
Because you have an addiction, or are about to, and you need to feed it on a regular basis. If you’re a pro, you need to practice. If you’re a beginner, you need to practice. You need it. You want it. Don’t deny yourself. Be the ball Danny…

See you there!

Tim Traver
2015 TPG DLG Coordinator