LSF Distance and Duration Day

April 1, 2017 all-day
t.b.d. brooklyn
224 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

TPG is planning an LSF run out to the desert Saturday April 1 to attempt 1 KM Goal and Return for LSF 3 (or any other LSF task).

Dr Gary Fogel suggested this location based on past experience flying there.

This will be the clubs first LSF event for 2017. Our earlier planned LSF event was rained out.

Who: Anyone who wants to try LSF tasks out in the desert. I will have LSF I vouchers if you need one.

What: RC Glider Flying – Hand Launch, Hi-start Launch, Possible Car Towing

Where: Halfhill dry lake bed.…ke-243118.html

“Take hwy 78 east from Julian to Ocotillo Wells, turn right on Split Mountain Rd. Split Mountain goes straight, does a 45 degree left then a 30 degree right. About 1000 feet after the right you’ll see small entry roads on the east side of Split Mountain Road to drive onto Halfhill Dry Lake. I would recommend we try these coordinates (33.092096, -116,109863). This is near an entry road that puts us within quick distance of the road. Also its kinda tucked away on a corner of the lake.”

When: Saturday April 1 2017.

I am thinking about camping (sleeping in a car/van kind of camping) there Friday night. Leave work early enough to get there a few hours before sunset to have a look see. Its a dry lake bed so plan on boondocking. LMK if you are interested cause if no one else is camping I wont cause I’m scared of the night when I’m alone. 

Note: Conditions in the desert can change quickly and we plan to make the call the night before. I’ll make the Go- No-Go announcement on this thread, TPG Facebook and TPG Yahoo groups.