Poway Field

Poway Field Rules

What Is Required To Fly Here?
AMA membership. If you are a visitor please be prepared to show your card.
Membership in the Torrey Pines Gulls (or be accompanied by a TPG member)
Everyone must obey all AMA and local flight regulations.

What May I Fly Here?
Poway is first and foremost a glider field. As a default, no powered aircraft of any kind (including e-gliders) are allowed. If conditions permit, this restriction may at times be temporarily lifted. Please consult the TPG web site for any updates before flying any powered aircraft.

Restricted Flight Zones
Due to the close proximity of the horse facility there are strict limits on where flight is permitted. Refer to the Flight Zone Map.
If you violate the zones you risk losing your flight privilege at the field and possibly jeopardize the privilege to fly here for everyone.

Horses and People
The areas surrounding the field are an active horse facility. As such horses and people are likely to be nearby. Even if you are in the fly-zone you are responsible for maintaining a safe distance between your plane and the horses and people.

We Are Guests Here
Our ongoing use of this property is totally dependant on being good guests. Please respect the rules and make safe flying your number one priority.

14859 Garden Road
Poway, CA 92064