The Club

Torrey Pines GullsĀ  is a world-renown organization of 200 individuals of varying ages and backgrounds who are dedicated to remote control soaring, both for pleasure and competition. R/C sailplanes are available in a variety of sizes and styles:
Foam sailplanes that are virtually indestructible and used for training or combat contests;
5′ hand-launched ships that may be flown over small fields;
5′ straight-winged slope racers that race back and forth across the face of a cliff (like Torrey Pines);
Larger sailplanes of about 10′ which have 2-6 control surfaces and are typically flown in thermal duration contests, and
Large “scale” sailplanes which are very sophisticated and look just like their full-sized counterparts.

Novice kits and radios are reasonably priced and readily available at many hobby shops in the area.

TPG members meet once a month. For location and time see the home page of this WEB site. The 2-hour meeting includes presentations by RC industry leaders and world-class competitors, swap meets, show-and-tell presentations, building seminars, and well-supplied raffles.

New TPG members have access to training sessions at the Poway field. Instructors, club sailplanes, and connected instructor/student transmitters are available which provide a fast, safe way for novices to learn how to fly with the confidence that an instructor win be there to help you recover from your mistakes without damaging the sailplane.

TPG supports a full contest schedule that spans the variety of sailplane contests typically available: Slope Racing, Hand-Launch, Thermal-Duration, and SC2 – a contest circuit that includes many dominant clubs in Southern California. Flying sites include TPG’s Poway field and the Torrey Pines Gliderport over Blacks Beach in La Jolla. Many other informal flying sites may be found around the county and because sailplanes make no noise, they are readily accepted in many communities.

Come to an event, meeting, or training session and get yourself and your kids involved in a great hobby and a great club!