Yahoo Forum Help

With these instructions, you should be able to

  1.  Problems with Yahoo Groups and join the TPGulls email group
  2.  Join the TPGulls with an existing Yahoo account
  3.  Manage your Yahoo Account and correct problems such as
    associating new email addresses with your existing Yahoo account.
  4.  Use the Web Based Features of the TPGulls email group.

Yahoo Groups Registration

To become a complete member of the TPGulls yahoo email group, you
must first register with Yahoo Groups and set up a Yahoo account.  If you already have a Yahoo account, proceed to the next section to join the TPGulls email group. If not follow these instructions and you will be provided with a Yahoo account name and password. You do
NOT have to use the yahoo email address that is assigned to you in this process.  You will need the Yahoo account name and password to use the web based features
of yahoo groups such as the calendar, the files section, looking up TPGulls members, and voting in polls that may be established by the Torrey Pines Gulls Board of Directors, from time to time.

Click here to obtain a Yahoo Account. A new browser window
will pop up so you can refer back to these instructions.

Some where on the Yahoo Groups page you should see “New Users”. 

  1. Click the mouse where is says “Click here to register”.
  2. Choose a Yahoo ID and password.  If that ID is taken, you will be
    given many chances to get a unique ID when you submit the form.
  3. Follow the instructions to complete the form.  Be careful and uncheck
    any  boxes for email and things you do not want.  Click Submit at the bottom.
  4. Once you have a unique ID,  be careful again, uncheck the box for
    Yahoo Companion unless you want your browser modified for Yahoo Companion.  Click on
    Continue to Yahoo.
  5. At the top, click on Account Info. You may be asked for you password again. 
  6. On the Account Information Page, please click on Edit/Create Profiles.
  7. Click on Edit.  Then on the next page, click on Edit Profile Information.
  8. Accept the terms then please enter your REAL NAME in your profile.  The rest
    of the information is up to you. 
  9. Go to the next section to Join the TPGulls email group.

Join the TPGulls email group

If you already have a Yahoo Account, follow the instructions below to
join the TPGulls email group.  If you do not have a Yahoo Account, please go back to the registration section above.

  1. Go to the Yahoo Groups web page and sign in with your yahoo user
    name and password.
  2. From this next page, please edit your profile or create a new profile and make
    sure your real name is correct.  From time to time we do weed out members of the email group we can not identify. If you get lost after editing your profile, just return to the Yahoo Groups page
  3. Find “Join a Group”. Enter “TPGulls” with out the quotes and click on Search.
  4. If there is more than one result, click on the one for the Torrey Pines Gulls.
  5. You will be directed to the main page of the Torrey Pines Gulls (TPGulls) email
    group.  Find “Join This Group” and click on it.
  6. You may then be asked to verify an email account. Follow the instructions. An
    email will be sent to you with a confirmation code.  You do not have to close the
    window.  You will receive the email almost immediately and you can return and enter the
    confirmation code. You may also close the window and follow a link in the email to verify your email account.
  7. If you get lost after this process is complete, simply return to the Yahoo
    Groups page and search for TPGulls again, then click Join.
  8. Please review the section below for important information on managing your
    yahoo account.

manage your yahoo account

On the Yahoo Groups web page, you will find a link to a Yahoo
Groups Help
page.  From this page most of your
questions will be answered.

On the Yahoo Groups web page, you will find a link to Account
Info.  From there you will be able to update your
Yahoo account information, edit or create profiles, and
set up various general Yahoo options.

On the Yahoo Groups web page, you will find a link to My Groups. From there you will be able to edit your email preferences which includes adding or editing your
email addresses and setting the email options.
From the My Groups page you may also choose Edit My Groups which
allows you to select your profile, email address and
message delivery options.

From the My Groups page you may also correct problems that may
be occurring because your email addresses are not
associated with your Yahoo ID correctly. Find and click
on Membership Wizard to attempt to correct your

When all else fails, call Yahoo support on the telephone at (408) 349-3300.

Use the Web Based Features of the TPGulls
email group

From the TPGulls Yahoo Groups web page, you may 

  • Examine message history
  • Join the TPGulls chat room
  • Examine or download files that have been posted
  • Examine or download photos that have been posted
  • Utilize the bookmarks, links to our favorite web sites
  • Utilize tables in our data base
  • Vote in polls that have been established to gather opinions
  • Examine our membership list, find or contact a member
  • Utilize the TPGulls calendar.